Mitchell Harris

As a level 3 Personal Trainer, I have experience working one to one with clients from professional athletes to people with little experience. 

I work with people struggling with pain on a daily basis and have found a very common assumption that pain comes with ageing. I know this to be completely untrue and the expression “you’re as old as you feel” is far more accurate. Pain can cause you to feel older, restricted and less confident, which can ultimately lead to depression. I am trained to prevent the pain so that it can be reduced and managed, as the pain isn’t something we have to live with.

From my own personal experience of playing rugby for East Midlands, marathon training and working in the fitness industry for over 8 years, I have had my fair share of injuries. Which at the time affected my training, progression and even my mental health.

My key motivation to support, help and inspire people is driven from my own personal experiences and through the clients I have worked with by helping them through training.  

I strongly believe that personal training sessions and physiotherapy go hand in hand for you to achieve success, which is why these have been brought together to build Linked Health Fitness.