Rebecca McCormick

I’ve been training with Mitch since January 2019, he has motivated and pushed me to keep striving for progress, he’s helped build up my confidence both in and out of the gym, my knowledge & fitness levels have improved greatly, the results are amazing from the changes in my body to the number on the scales!
He’s also teaching me how to live a healthy balanced lifestyle leading to me slowly ditching the slimming club mentalities and eating proper food without guilt.

Mitch’s knowledge is extensive, there hasn’t been an injury, ache or pain i’ve had he hasn’t been able to fix, advise on how to prevent it happening again and explain why it happened in the first place.

He always finds more in the bottom of what I think is an empty tank, keeping the sessions tough and challenging but fun, he’s always upbeat, highly motivating and has a smile on his face.

Highly recommend him to anyone, he’s helped me more than I could of ever imagined.

Charlotte Mills

Mitch hands down is the best PT I have ever had (and there have been a few).

He has helped me in many ways additional to health and fitness. He is uplifting and caring but not afraid to be strict when I am being a difficult client.

He never makes me feel self conscious and often gets stuck in when cardio is so over facing. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mitch to anyone who is looking to make that step.

James Broadbent

Mitch combines true dedication and motivation for me to achieve my goals balanced with genuine care and support throughout my journey.

He completely breaks the mould from previous one on one training I have attempted, and failed, before. I know first hand how anxious and intimidating it can be stepping into a fitness environment and Mitch has been pivotal in overcoming that and making each session fun, educational and motivating.

Mitch is an immensely inspiring individual and 12 months into my journey has well and truly transformed my weight, my shape, my knowledge and my mindset and couldn’t think more highly of someone for what he has supported me with.

Tony Clarke

I have been training with Mitch since 2018 and it’s been worth every penny.

Initially I only intended a 3 month course but as soon as I saw the results after just a few sessions a week decided to carry on.

I now realise just how important diet and how eating the right food can make such a difference, I have in the past struggled to gain weight but this wasn’t a problem after having a set meal plan, the same when I wanted to lose the excess fat the meal plan provided was spot on. I can say nothing but praise for the guy and wish him all the best.